Vision Therapy has helped our patients improve their eyesight in Northwest Indiana

We take pride in the excellence of our customer service. We know we are reaching our goals when we hear great feedback from our patients. Look below to read for yourself what our patients have to say about our excellent customer service and success with our vision therapy program.

Karen Success With Vision Therapy Levin Eye Care Center

Two Generations Have Success With Vision Therapy

Karen is a Graduate of the Levin Eye Care Center Vision Therapy Program. Her mother Laurie is also a graduate of the program and lets us know the impact it has had on her daughter and her. We are very proud of you both and look forward to your future success!

Dr. Levin,

I learned the value of vision therapy at a young age. Teachers believed I was learning disabled. Psychological testing proved this to be false and vision issues were explored. Vision therapy was very helpful to me as a child and as an adult I found the need to reconnect with a doctor who understood my unique eye problems. Dr. Levin helped me, and my daughter, Karen with vision therapy.

Karen had a lot of difficulties with learning as a child and into early college. Dr. Levin first saw her as a young adult and recommended vision therapy. Karen has always loved learning but visual problems hindered her reading abilities. Today she is a student at Eastern Virginia Medical School studying to be a Physician Assistant. Students are required to read and retain large volumes of information in a short period of time. She loves the material and has the endurance to study long hours. At the end of her first year she is excelling in this very competitive program.

I am very proud of her hard work and accomplishments and am happy that she has found her passion. She will serve others by providing excellent compassionate care as a Physician Assistant. Vision therapy gave her a foundation that helped make this possible. Thank you Dr. Levin and staff for the excellent eye care you have provided for me, and my family over many years.

Laurie Stengler

Vision Therapy Academic success Levin Eye Care Center

Once Diagnosed As Learning Disabled, Now A Success In College After Vision Therapy!

We are extremely proud to announce that our Vision Therapy graduate, Josh Hogan, was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most prestigious honor society in the nation!

Currently, he’s a senior at Indiana University Bloomington, but as a child, he was diagnosed as learning disabled and recommended to attend special education classes. Instead, his mother enrolled him in the Vision Therapy program at Levin Eye Care Center and the program helped him correct his visual difficulties enabling him to improve academically.

His mother stated, “Thank you so very much, Vision therapy changed his life. Usually I get the credit, but I know the truth. Without vision therapy and a proper diagnosis, he would never be where he is today.”

Eye Turn fixed Success With Vision Therapy Levin Eye Care Center

Eye-Turn Corrected without Surgery!

Did you know that most eye turns can be corrected with a special program of vision therapy? Lindsey was fortunate to find our office before she had any significant problems in school.

A visit to an eye doctor leads Mr. & Mrs. Forbes to bring Lindsey to see Dr. Levin. After the developmental vision evaluation, Dr. Levin assured Lindsey’s parents that her eye turn could be corrected with vision therapy.

An eye turn can be difficult for anyone to live with, but especially a 10 year old girl. After completing her vision therapy program this is what her parents had to share:

“Lindsey feels better about the fact that she no longer turns her eye in and now looks like the rest of the kids in her class. Her main motivation was to get her eye and vision corrected so she felt like she “fit” in with the rest of the kids and didn’t look different. She also didn’t want it to limit any future plans concerning jobs that she wanted. Because she progressed so well she was able to get contacts which is something we never thought possible.”

Success With Vision Therapy Child Levin Eye Care Center

A Childs Life Changed With Vision Therapy

Shelia was having trouble in math, and difficulty comprehending and answering questions regarding what she read. She was working with a tutor at school and attending Sylvan Learning Center, however, little gains were being made.

Before her visit to Dr. Levin’s office, her vision was evaluated by the school nurse and pediatrician. They both stated her vision was normal.

Since doing vision therapy at Levin Eye Care Center we have noticed some behavioral changes. Shelia is reading out loud more and with ease, and she has a lot more self confidence than before. She has become more confident in social activities and enjoys singing in the choir. She now reads out loud in front of others with a “can do attitude”.

Vision therapy has allowed her to blossom into a thriving young girl who enjoys school and life. We have enjoyed seeing our daughter transform and have success through your program. We are grateful for the vision therapist who worked with Shelia. She always enjoyed coming to your office and we truly appreciate all you have done for our family!

Jacob Success With Vision Therapy Levin Eye Care Center

The Dramatic Results Of Vision Therapy

Joshua experienced headaches while reading and he would also skip and repeat lines. Handwriting was very challenging and completing assignments on time was very difficult. Joshua enjoyed school but was behind in spelling and writing.

We first noticed the problem and thought we should see Dr. Levin. We knew our son was very bright but something was not right. Dr. Levin informed us that our son had difficulty using both eyes together as a team known as binocular vision dysfunction. He assured us that our son would improve with vision therapy. After several weeks of therapy along with a home therapy program we were amazed to see the dramatic results he made in his handwriting and he was able to read and write for a longer period of time.

We were so happy to see our son did not have to struggle for years to come and could be helped and excel in his school work.

Writing Before Vision Therapy & After Vision Therapy

Success With Vision Therapy Writing







Binocular Vision Dysfunction Success With Vision Therapy

Binocular Vision Dysfunction Fixed With Vision Therapy

Morgan was reluctant to work puzzles with small pieces, or try to read books with small print. She was not motivated to try sports. She got frustrated with her performance and did not want to continue. She was not behind in school, but Morgan asked to be moved to the front of the class so she could see, and she told her kindergarten teacher she was having trouble reading the board.

She had her eyes checked by an optometrist and was referred to see Dr. Levin for further testing for a visual disability.

Dr. Levin recommended vision therapy for Morgan after diagnosing her with a vision disability known as binocular vision dysfunction. Since doing vision therapy, I have noticed so many changes in Morgan. First, she has had a major boost in her self confidence, not only academically but socially as well. She is maintaining excellent grades and I have seen improvement in her handwriting.

I no longer have to fight her to do her homework, and her teacher reports she is doing very well in class. I have really appreciated all the care that was given to my daughter and I am seeing improvements in so many areas. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs it.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Success With Vision Therapy Levin Eye Care Center

Autism Spectrum Disorder Success With Vision Therapy

Prior to vision therapy, Robbie was unable to read and write legibly. Sports were impossible and he became very frustrated. Even “simple tasks” like riding a bike, catching a ball, dribbling a basketball were difficult for Robbie causing him to avoid those tasks all together.

Robbie suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder, and therefore, he has many struggles in and out of school. Between his disability and his lazy eye, he was 1½ years behind in school. Reading was such a difficult task even with after school reading tutors! Writing proved to be just as frustrating. Homework would take hours every night to complete often resulting in tears.

Since Vision Therapy, Robbie is more relaxed, calm, and focused. He doesn’t struggle with school work like he use to, and he doesn’t become so upset when completing these tasks.

Robbie is now reading more fluently, writing sentences and completing homework independently. He is now active with outdoor sports and activities. The classroom setting isn’t as overwhelming and he is able to complete more tasks within the general education classroom.

Robbie is participating more in his classroom and maintaining a steady level of progress in many subject areas. Robbie is more confident and comfortable in his own surroundings. He had no peripheral vision and without vision therapy, he may have never been able to drive a car! These simple things we take for granted, come as precious gifts to my son! I could not imagine where Robbie would be without vision therapy.

From Special Education To Success With Vision Therapy

From Special Education To Success With Vision Therapy

Jacob was having a difficult time in school. He struggled with reading, writing, and spelling. He was held back in the first grade and given special education classes because he lacked the skills to improve academically. In my opinion, very little improvement was being made at school. We were told he had a learning disability.

We learned about Dr. Levin and his vision therapy program through Mrs. Mack at South Ridge Elementary. She is Jacob’s special education teacher. Since therapy, he has an easier time doing homework. He doesn’t write numbers and letters backwards as often, and he is reading with better comprehension.

Jacob is more focused and he is able to work for longer durations with ease. We have noticed he has more confidence and enjoys learning. He enjoys coming to vision therapy and using the various computer programs.

He demonstrates a healthy competitiveness, because he knows he is a winner and he has the skills to achieve success. We always knew he was a bright child.


Vision Therapy – The sky is the limit!

Prior to Vision Therapy Kamden’s reading comprehension was low and declined as the day wears on. She did not enjoy school, especially reading, and was very shy and apprehensive about joining in any athletic activities. To get Kamden help we had gone to the family doctor and Kamden was evaluated at school and enrolled in special education classes.

We were fearful of Kamden having to repeat a grade. She was well behind the other children and required constant supervision. She was almost never able to learn without constant assistance. Kamden was put in special education classes in the mornings, and they were considering possible autism. The school nurse and Kami’s pediatrician both checked her vision and found no problems and said she had nearly perfect vision.

However, we knew there was a problem! She had a I can’t attitude and avoided sports and games and was accident prone so we researched on the internet and found Dr. Levin and his Vision Therapy Program. Since enrolling Kamden into Vision Therapy, we have noticed dramatic changes already. Her reading score and handwriting has improved greatly. Kamden has become more out going almost overnight. She no longer fights in the morning to go to school. The teacher has seen a great improvement in her reading and writing. Also, she said she wants to socialize more – a lot more!

She seems happier and much more confident. She looks forward to therapy and is excited about the future. I’m truly amazed by the immediate success with vision therapy we are experiencing. I feel like my happy little girl has finally come back.


From F’s To A’s! A Vision Therapy Success Testimony

“Reading was difficult for Laney. She complained of headaches, eyes being tired and would come up with any excuse to get out of reading. She was getting special help at school in reading plus we tried having her work with a tutor but did not have too much success.

Laney was a little bit behind. She had a C in reading and an F in spelling. She did well when the teacher told her the words to spell, but did very poorly when spelling words had to be filled in a blank in sentences.

Even though the vision screening at school found nothing wrong, seeing her struggle and getting held back in first grade is what prompted me to seek help. A search on the internet led us to the office of Levin Eye Care Center.”

Dr. Levin was able to explain why Laney was struggling. She had a vision problem called convergence insufficiency which was making the words double up on her when she tried to read. The solution? An in-office program of vision therapy.

Once vision therapy was completed, a child who hated reading now loves to read, is excited to go to school and also cooperates in school activities such as show and tell. Laney received her first A- in reading!


The Result of Vision Therapy

Prior to vision therapy, Xander gave up easily and he didn’t want to try new things. He was really struggling with fine motor skills. He was difficult, very clingy, whiny and sensitive.

We learned about Dr. Levin and the vision therapy program at Levin Eye Care Center through Xander’s preschool teacher. Since doing vision therapy, he is doing well with his sight words, alphabet, numbers, and shapes and beginning to read. He can now add simple numbers and is beginning to write sentences. Xander now enjoys gym class. His behavior overall is much better, and he is more manageable and outgoing. Xander sings a lot and is more confident with less emotional meltdowns.

His teacher Mrs. Buck is amazed with his progress and has said he is not the same child that came to her in August. He is more willing to try new things and is definitely more social. I think Xander feels good about Xander. He is now trying to read signs when we are at stores. He has become more inquisitive and has a desire to learn. He really enjoys school. He now looks forward to our reading time and he likes to participate in game night. Xander has definitely matured.

Xander looks forward to coming to vision therapy. He really likes all of his therapists. The activities are fun and seem more like games. The treasure box is a big motivator. The therapists are very encouraging, and he, therefore has a desire to please them. Working in education, I feel this is an area too few educators know about. I am so happy that Xander’s teacher recognized that something wasn’t quite right and referred us to Dr. Levin.

What wouldn’t you do for your child? I can’t imagine what things would have been like for him, if this problem wouldn’t have been addressed. I know he would have begun to act out, as I see with so many of my students when things are tough for them. I know school would have become something he dreaded. I know he would have begun to get further and further behind.

Thanks to all of you at Levin Eye Care Center, he has become a confident child who loves school. Xander now wants to be a teacher.