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Levin eye care center best eye doctor Thank you for checking out Levin Eye Care Center, P.C. We offer complete eye care services including eye exams, glasses, contacts, eye disease management, LASIK, vision therapy, and treatment for many other eye problems. In every way, we work to go above and beyond your expectations with our friendly and professional staff, a comfortable and enjoyable environment, and the most offered vision services available.Levin Eye Care Center provides services in a pleasant, professional atmosphere. The latest technology available in the industry is a hallmark of our practice. We offer comprehensive services including examinations for eye diseases such as cataract and glaucoma, eyeglasses, and contact lenses. We provide pre-operative evaluations and post-operative care for Lasik patients.

Our specialty is with children and adults having visual difficulties that cannot be managed fully with eyeglasses or contact lenses. The Levin Eye Care Center Vision Therapy Program is designed to identify hidden learning-related vision problems. Our goal is to improve active learning skills and provide patients with the tools necessary for success. Vision goes far beyond being able to see 20/20.

You will find the staff at Levin Eye Care Center to be knowledgeable and courteous. We have been given a superior customer satisfaction rating from the Hardin Institute of Marketing Research. We are enthusiastically committed to the highest level of patient education. We strongly believe this leads to a higher quality of life and visual enjoyment.



Dr Steven A LevinDr. Steven A. Levin

Dr. Levin is a board certified optometrist specializing in vision perception and development, pediatric care, vision therapy, and visual complications from traumatic brain injury. Dr. Levin provides comprehensive contact lens services and the treatment and management of ocular diseases.

He has demonstrated a committed and dedicated effort to serve the citizens of his community and his profession for 47 years. In 2002, he was named the National Optometrist of the Year by the American Optometric Association and in 2001, he received the Indiana Optometrist of the Year award from the Indiana Optometric Association. In 2007, Dr. Levin was elected into the National Academies of Practice as a Distinguished Practitioner.



Dr Delia MaloneDr. Delia Malone

Dr. Malone is a board-certified Optometrist specializing in pediatric and family eyecare at Levin Eye Care Center. She is excited to join in professional practice with Dr. Steven Levin and to learn from his 45 years of practice in providing unique, integrated therapies for people of all ages living with visual difficulties.

Dr. Malone shares the practice’s dedication to professional excellence and is committed to pursuing the newest and most advanced medical treatments available for her patients. She believes that scientific advancements in medicine and therapy techniques best serve patients when combined with patient education and clear communication. Outside of work, Dr. Malone enjoys live jazz music and riding her bicycle along the lake. Dr. Malone graduated from Illinois College of Optometry.



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